Gam Shing Technology Co., Ltd. R & D for more than seven years, the successful manufacture of high performance, excellent value for money electric car motor.

High Efficiency

Energy conversion at an efficiency of above 90%, increasing mileage to more than 600 km and saving energy.

More Torque

Gam Shing motor has more torque compared to the motors on the market, power of the Gam Shing motor is increased by 25%.

Low Cost

Due to casting technology breakthroughs, costs and prices can be reduced, about 30% of the market price.

High Speed

Gam Shing broke through the higher the speed, the smaller the torque limit, the motor speed increased up to 4000 r / min, with the torque still maintained at 300Nm.

Light Weight

Compared to the same motor on the market the Gam Shing motor is around 1/4 lighter, the motor can be used in electric ships, yachts, buses, agricultural vehicles, etc.

Small Size

Gam Shing successfully solved the eddy current heating problem, it can reduce the motor size and be more energy efficient.



Gam Shing developed permanent magnet synchronous motor, has the international patent system PCT(Patent Cooperation Treaty) patent.
There are a number of related patents pending or pending application.



Gam Shing Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology, research and development company focused on and specializing in energy-saving solutions. We have been developing the motor for more than seven years, and now have superior performance and value for money when you want a electric car motor.

On this basis, Gam Shing’s R & D team is ready for different types of vehicles, as well as ships, all tailor-made electric motors, you are welcome to contact us.

Gam Shing considers a variety of ways to collaborate, including:

  • Cooperate with manufactures
  • Modification / motor design
  • Providing technical support
  • Technology Licensing
  • Franchising the license
  • Wholesale, agents

We welcome any kind of cooperation proposal.